Here are some of the things The American Legion does for the protection of our Children and Youth:

• Child Pornography  - The Legion opposes any attempts to weaken U.S. laws governing the production, sale and distribution of pornographic materials.

• Catastrophic Illness - The American Legion supports enacting legislation to financially assist families facing the catastrophic illness of a child.

• Intellectual Disabilities  - The American Legion supports continuing research and earlyintervention efforts to prevent intellectual disabilities, including research on the development and function of the nervous system; fetal treatments and gene therapy to correct abnormalities produced by defective genes; and early-intervention programs for high-risk infants and children.

• Immunization -  The Legion urges federal funding for state and local health agencies to ensure that indigent children are afforded the opportunity to receive needed vaccines and treatments.

• Family Integrity - The Legion promotes the family as the cornerstone of society and supports National Family Week in November. The Legion further recognizes that the natural family is the fundamental unit, inscribed in human nature and centered on the voluntary union of a man and woman in a lifelong covenant of marriage.

• Media Violence - The American Legion supports appropriate state and federal legislation to restrict the excessive use of violence, vulgarity and immoral expressions in movies, television programs, news, video games and the Internet.

Drug Abuse - The American Legion fully supports adequate funding for all border, state, federal and military drug-trafficking prevention programs to keep illegal substances from reaching our nation’s young people.

• Child Sexual Exploitation - The American Legion supports appropriate legislation aimed at the prevention, investigation and prosecution of child sexual exploitation, and seeks to empower the public to take immediate and direct action to enforce a zero-tolerance policy on the problem.

Family Support Network - The Family Support Network is ready to provide immediate assistance to U.S. military personnel and their families whose lives have been directly affected by the war on terrorism.

Temporary Financial  Assistance - The American Legion’s Temporary Financial Assistance program helps military and veteran families with minor children at home.

Samsung Scholarship - After researching dozens of veterans organizations, Samsung – a worldwide leader in electronics – chose The American Legion in 1995 to administer an endowed scholarship fund of $5 million.

Child Welfare Foundation - The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation exists. Established in 1954, the foundation was developed to collect donations from individuals who wished to contribute to the betterment of children in this country.